Thermo Electronic always stands in the position of clients to provide innovation value, focuses on producing products with excellent efficiency, high quality and extraordinary technology, becoming the leading figure in the field and setting up the core technology, to satisfy clients’ need for dissipating technology.

As a hi-tech enterprise, every year Thermo’s R&D budget accounts for more than 5% in total sales, and the President is personally in charge of R&D department. By 2012,  Thermo has more that 200 patents, including 17 invention patents, 90 utility patents and over 80 design patents. And there are over 10 patents used in the production every year. Continuing R&D development provides a solid foundation for producing and sale, and becomes our driving force to succeed.

Thermo believes every  product should consider different users ’ need to satisfy clients’ personalized use and creates value for them.  Thermo  creates a series of new products by using new technology, including  star product CPU radiator “E90” whose monthly  sales  was over 1 million,  and so on. Continuing innovation and  design and  management make Thermo No. 1 in the field of radiator. Along with the development of LED heatsink, Thermo will make new glory.