heat sink works plastic and aluminum thermal contrast
2016-08-30Auther: Thermo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
heat sink works plastic and aluminum thermal contrast: While aluminum heat as the system technology is relatively mature, but there are still some shortcomings, the same conductive plastic material is not without drawbacks, the following is a comparison of the pros and cons of both. The first is the relative advantages of aluminum PA6 plastic thermal insulation for the existence of:
(1) in the indoor lighting and light weight, the weight of the lamp has an impact on many aspects, such as the increase in weight will increase the lighting installation, transportation difficulty, will also cause problems, such as personal safety. Aluminum has a density of 2700kg / m3, the density of the aluminum alloy will be greater, and the thermally conductive plastic having a density of about 1420 kg / m3, about half of the aluminum alloy, so in the case of the same shape, weighs only aluminum about half of the alloy.
(2) a more environmentally friendly and safe in thermally insulating plastic casing production process, will have little toxic pollution, and aluminum in the production, there is often a step of plating, plating and waste generated in the metal would be water causing serious pollution and soil. Security conductive plastic insulation material, do not worry about security risks because the conductive shell lamps produced. In the high voltage testing, thermal insulation plastic with absolute advantage.
(3) improve the design freedom of plastic flowability is very good, it is possible to produce very thin parts, and the design more complex shapes. The main production method is die-cast aluminum or stretch forming, more complex shapes can not be processed in the production process. Also in the apparent effect, injection products will be more beautiful, you can also add their own and other enterprises of different signs.

(4) Processing convenient, efficient LED thermal plastic and other plastic parts, as can a molding, no post-processing, but also in injection molding, the mold can be designed as a four, so a high efficiency. After aluminum extrusion often also have to flash the program, if the shape of the requirements are relatively high, but also for aluminum nickel and other processes, will increase the processing cycle.
(5) when starting the system simplifies the aluminum alloy shell, shell conductivity due to internal isolation must start the system, insulated plastic itself, did not start so you can use non-isolated systems used as cooling system, due to non-isolated system relative to the isolation system And it is not only smaller and lower cost, so not only can reduce the cost and footprint will be smaller.
(6) reduce system costs on the unit price, the unit mass of conductive plastic must be higher than the price of aluminum, but the system costs are flat or lower, and the larger the number, the more obvious cost advantages of plastics. In addition, thermal plastic material is currently in a preliminary stage, the future price of products with the development and increase the amount of the industry will be reduced, while the price of non-ferrous metals as aluminum, but is unlikely to have significantly reduced. Plastic to reduce costs mainly in the processing costs.