Silicon-chip thermal bonding characteristics in the heat sink
2017-04-21Auther: Thermo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
Silicon-chip thermal bonding characteristics in the heat sink and a microprocessor: it combines high thermal conductivity and insulating performance, is widely used in the chip, the flexible circuit board, the power transistor radiator tube with adhesive, DC / DC circuit board housing adhesive bonding, encapsulating the flexible circuit with the heat sink, the adhesive characteristics of the data sink and a microprocessor both high thermal conductivity and insulation of the data, and adhesive power transistor and heat sink, or additional cooling device. Banned with screws, you can achieve the most effective heat dissipation. Products in the following figure:

     Another general bonding heat sinks and heat usage devices are lightweight, thermal double-sided adhesive tape pieces will be placed between the heating plate and heatsink, afterburner pressed firmly fixed fin Jibei prison on heating element, simple application lightweight, which will help improve production efficiency.TM210 thermal pad has passed the test of harmful substances control, is the client application on the related electronic products the best choice. In particular, has played a significant role in the electronics, LED lighting industry and LED TV field. To manipulate the appearance of institutions that do not gentle among the best of the thermal interface material assembly.