Thermal conductivity thermal silica films How to choose?
2016-08-30Auther: Thermo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
Thermal conductivity thermal silica films How to choose?
Thermal conductivity thermal silicone gasket choice is to look at the most important source of power dissipation, and the size of the radiator cooling capacity or cooling structure.
General specifications relatively low chip temperature, or more sensitive to temperature or heat flux density is relatively large (typically greater than 0.6w / cm3 heat treatment needs to be done, the general surface is less than 0.04w / cm2 when natural convection only need to deal with it) These chips or heat source need to be heat treatment, and try to choose a high thermal conductivity thermal silica films points.
Consumer electronics industry generally does not allow the chip junction temperature is above 85 degrees, it is recommended to control the chip surface it is recommended that at an internal temperature of the system at room temperature in a high temperature test time is less than 75 degrees, the entire board of the components are basically uses commercial grade components, not more than 50 degrees. Surface temperature of the first appearance of the surface is recommended, or end users can contact by at room temperature lower than 45 degrees. Select a higher thermal conductivity of thermal silica film can meet the design requirements and design pre retain some degree.
Thermal conductivity thermal silicone gasket How to choose?

TM210 Thermal pad : thermal conductivity 1.5- 3.5.0W / m * K

Usually chip surface heat flux density is relatively small, relatively small impact on the surrounding heat, low thermal conductivity can be used thermal silica film to reduce costs; the impact of high and low thermal conductivity, thermal silica film cost maximum impact factor. Size, thickness size will affect product costs
Thermal silica film other parameters Reference
Thermal silica film size selected to cover the heat source is the best choice, rather than cover the radiator or heat sink contact surface structure, selection will not have much improved heat dissipation or improve size larger than the heat source.
Density thermal silicone gasket selection and product thickness, hardness, compression ratio and other relevant parameters, we recommend a sample test and then determine the specific parameters.
Breakdown voltage, dielectric constant, volume resistivity, surface resistivity may then meet the requirements, in particular to meet the peak value of the optimum size.
Taking into account the cost-sharing products, reduce costs and other factors, the proposed selection of thermal silica film factory specifications existing models in the design, selection of common specifications directly, without special treatment or shape, then the need for PCB layout, the shape of the radiator, cooling structure shape, etc. considerations.