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TM210 Grey Thermal Pad 0.5mm-6mm

TM210 Grey Thermal Pad 0.5mm-6mm

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TM210 is a cost-effective, thermally conductive interface material.The material is a filled, thermally conductive polymer supplied on a rubber-coated fiberglass carrier allowing for easy material handling.The conformable nature ofTM210 allows the pad to fill in air gaps between PC boards and heat sinks or a metal chassis.

Note: Resultant thickness is defined as the final gap thickness of the application.

• Thermal conductivity: 1.5W/m-K

• Enhanced puncture, shear and tear resistance

• Conformable gap filling material

• Electrically isolating

we can do 0.5mm ~5mm thickness .200*400mm in standard size .we can cut 100*100mm 200*200mm ,or different size for customize 


High reliability, high compressibility, softness and elasticity, high thermal conductivity, natural viscosity, no additional surface adhesive, meeting the environmental requirements of RoHS and UL

Application mode:

Filling between circuit board and heat sink

Filling between IC and heat sink or product shell

Applicable products:

Communication equipment / computer / switching power supply / flat panel TV / mobile equipment / video equipment / network products / household appliances / PC server / workstation / optical drive / combo / base amplifier station


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