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memory heat sink

Description Feature Specification

Name: pure aluminum memory heat sink

Specification: 125 * 25 * 7mm (thickness: 1mm pure aluminum)

Material: pure aluminum and heat conductive adhesive

Each set consists of two pieces, which are pasted on the front and back sides of the memory, and are clamped by special fasteners. There are thermal conductive stickers on the back side, which can be torn off and stuck on the memory. It is very convenient to install

We have simply photographed several installation processes to provide you with some technical support:


Step 1: tear off the attached heat conduction gasket and paste it on the non IC side of single side memory (do not paste on double-sided memory with IC)

Step 2: the opening of the heat sink is facing yourself, press both sides of the non color printing end of the heat sink with the thumb and middle finger, and then gently open the opening of the heat sink with the other thumb (the force should not be too large to avoid short side overturning).

Step 3: insert the memory according to the trend.

Step 4: insert the heat sink and memory into the memory slot.

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